Huanghe juelian


drama, vojni (1999)

Huanghe juelian

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Ocena uporabnika
Huanghe juelian


Huanghe juelian




drama, vojni


105 min


Xiaoning Feng


Xiaoning Feng

Glavne vloge:

Lui Guojing Evans
  >  Owen's Granddaughter
Paul Kersey
  >  Owen Neumann
Jing Ning
  >  Angel
  >  (as Men Tu)


The film tells the story of a grounded American pilot during the Second World War who learns about the noble spirit of the Chinese poeple when he is rescued by the communist-led Chinese army after an emergency landing near the Great Wall. On the way to the Communist base, the pilot falls in love with a girl soldier whose lingering memory of being raped by the Japanese makes her a determined fighter. Half a century later, the American pilot returns to the Yellow River to pay his respects to the native people who rescued him.
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