kratki film, vestern (1911)

Red Star's Honor

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Red Star's Honor


Red Star's Honor




kratki film, vestern



Red Star, an Indian brave, and Jim Johnston, a cowpuncher, become fast friends and vow eternal friendship. Their friendship is known to those on the ranch, who do not regard it as anything but a queer fancy on Jim's part. Like most white men in the cow country, the ranchmen have no use for an Indian and Jim is like them except in his regard for Red Star. There is a mutual admiration between them that needs no explanation or analysis. On the ranch were many hands of many kinds: greasers, half-breeds, Chinamen, negroes and Indians. In a mixed crew of that kind there is sometimes danger and it requires a stout heart and an iron hand to rule them all in peace. The ranchman was a fearless man, but no man is proof against a coward's bullet. After a quarrel over a trivial sum a half-breed in a sullen, revengeful mood kills his employer from ambush and slinks away. Trouble begins to brew. The cowboys are determined that somebody shall suffer for the outrage, and it does not require very much ...
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