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  • Žanr: kratki film
  • Head over heels

    Head over heels (2017)

    drama, kratki film

    Alyona, a Russian teenager from a poor family is dreaming about becoming a cosmonaut despite her mother's ignorance.
  • Hectometer

    Hectometer (2011)

    kratki film

    William Trubridge becomes the first human being to dive completely unassisted to 100 meters (one hectometer). With a single breath of air, and only his hands and feet for propulsion, he set this...
  • Eyewitness Accounts

    Eyewitness Accounts (2007)

    kratki film, komedija

    An act of vandalism goes horribly wrong, and a group of onlookers witnesses the aftermath. They retell the events from their various differing viewpoints.
  • When I Grow Up I Want to Be White

    When I Grow Up I Want to Be White (2008)

    kriminalka, kratki film, komedija

    A story about being a 'banana' in Australia. White on the inside, Asian on the outside.
  • The Priest

    The Priest (2015)

    kratki film, grozljivka

    Neverna žena se nađe u paklenoj vožnji vozom...
  • Milked

    Milked (2008)

    kratki film, komedija

  • Touchscreen

    Touchscreen (2019)

    kratki film

    After an unusual online encounter, a lonely man is challenged to step out from behind his computer screen and shatter long-lived inhibitions to claim the touch of another human being.
  • Ovog puta ne mozemo reci da nismo znali

    Ovog puta ne mozemo reci da nismo znali (2008)

    kratki film, dokumentarni, vojni

    The film combines the archived footage and still images of the Holocaust, Rwanda and Darfur genocide with testimonies of the Holocaust survivors to establish a parallel between the ongoing crisis in...
  • Sunday Afternoon

    Sunday Afternoon (2008)

    drama, kratki film

    It is a Sunday afternoon in the universe. When a mysterious musical force causes scorching heat, tornadoes, and raging fires to devastate our planet, four very different people await the impending...
  • Criminal Minds

    Criminal Minds (2011)

    kriminalka, kratki film, akcija, srhljivka

    Criminal Minds captures the audience from the first scene and has you second guessing your every thought about what's really happening in the story. The mysterious aura dictates the suspense in the...
  • John Bronco

    John Bronco (2020)

    kratki film, komedija

    Some have said that if you were famous before the internet, you might as well never have existed. Such is the case for John Bronco, the greatest pitchman who ever lived. In 1966, Ford tapped him to...
  • Living History

    Living History (2005)

    kratki film, dokumentarni

    Cross-cuts three elderly citizens discussing the triumphs and tragedies of their later lives.
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