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  • Žanr: kriminalka
  • Herogasm

    Herogasm (2022)

    drama, kriminalka, akcija

    You’re invited to the 70th Annual Herogasm! You must present this invitation in order to be admitted! Same rules as always: no cameras, no non-Supe guests unless they sign an NDA and they’re DTF, and...
  • Episode #2.9

    Episode #2.9 (2018)

    drama, kriminalka

    The faked attempt to kill Tomasevic leads to additional security, so Kardum's assassin backs off. Krsnik's infliction of domestic abuse, and its cover up, will be published. Jakovljevic is held...
  • Jai Bhim

    Jai Bhim (2021)

    drama, kriminalka

    When a tribal man is arrested for a case of alleged theft, his wife turns to a human-rights lawyer to help bring justice.
  • Das Paradies

    Das Paradies (2020)

    drama, kriminalka, misterij

    Claudia reveals to Adam how everything is connected and how he can destroy the knot.
  • K.G.F: Chapter 2

    K.G.F: Chapter 2 (2022)

    drama, kriminalka, akcija

    U krvavim zlatnim poljima Kolar, Rockyjevo ime uliva strah kod njegovih neprijatelja. Dok se njegovi saveznici ugledaju na njega, vlada ga vidi kao pretnju redu i zakonu. Rocky mora da se bori protiv...
  • Ein unendlicher kreis

    Ein unendlicher kreis (2019)

    drama, kriminalka, misterij

    Armed with a plan to prevent the apocalypse, Jonas travels to 2019. During the Nielsens' anniversary party, Ulrich sneaks off with Hannah.
  • Episode #2.11

    Episode #2.11 (2018)

    drama, kriminalka

    Dario's body is found, but Dijana fails to publicize her doubt that Tomasevic, his boss, knew about his death for some days but kept mum, due to the polls. Tomasevic wins the polls. Premier...
  • Episode #2.5

    Episode #2.5 (2018)

    drama, kriminalka

    Tomasevic remains favorite. The Archbishop plays both sides, nudging desperate Helena to take money from Ljubicic, Blago's pal. Vera's husband Davor gets roughed up when she forages among judges for...
  • Episode #2.6

    Episode #2.6 (2018)

    drama, kriminalka

    The Premier fires the police chief and the Interior minister. Tomasevic spouts fascist ideology. Nude photos of Lara, his daughter, surface. Dubravka dies, when police go to arrest her. Davor is...
  • Ghosts

    Ghosts (2019)

    drama, kriminalka

    The Cody family sets off on Smurf's mysterious heist, unaware of the surprises that await them when they arrive, which will change the family forever.
  • Leverage: Redemption

    Leverage: Redemption (2021)

    kriminalka, misterij, srhljivka

    Modernizirana verzija serije “Leverage” koja prati ekipu reformiranih prevaranata koji se oslanjaju na svoje visokotehnološke vještine kako bi krali od korumpiranih biznismena i bogatih kriminalaca …
  • When I Grow Up I Want to Be White

    When I Grow Up I Want to Be White (2008)

    kriminalka, kratki film, komedija

    A story about being a 'banana' in Australia. White on the inside, Asian on the outside.
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