kratki film, vestern (1912)

The Marked Gun

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The Marked Gun


The Marked Gun




kratki film, vestern


Glavne vloge:

Pauline Bush
  >  The outlaw's daughter
J. Warren Kerrigan
  >  Dave
Jack Richardson
  >  The robber chief


The outlaw's daughter warned her father of the coming of the sheriff just a moment too late. The result was that two bandits were slain, although the father escaped. The sheriff, returning home, celebrated his son's birthday by giving him a revolver taken from a dead bandit - a revolver bearing a peculiar mark around the butt. The son, Dave, went out for a ride the following day and was shot by the robber chief and his men. They took the marked revolver, and when the sheriff finally captured them, he found the odd revolver on the dead man. Meanwhile, Dave had been rescued by the outlaw's daughter, who, when her father failed to return, carried a letter from Dave to his father.
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