drama, kratki film, vestern (1914)

The Tigers of the Hills

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Ocena uporabnika
The Tigers of the Hills


The Tigers of the Hills




drama, kratki film, vestern


Frank Montgomery

Glavne vloge:

Charles Bartlett
  >  Lieutenant Howard
Mona Darkfeather
  >  Bright Cloud - an Indian Maid
J. Gunnis Davis
  >  Colonel Cameron - Ruth's Father (as James Davis)
Rex Downs
  >  Captain Miller - Howard's Rival
Billie Rhodes
  >  Ruth Cameron - Howard's Sweetheart


Miller conceives a bitter hatred for Howard, his successful rival for the hand of Ruth, daughter of Colonel Cameron, commandant of a western array post. A party of immigrants, ignorant of Indian customs, destroy some burial scaffolds. The desecration is witnessed by the red men and a desperate battle ensues. One of the immigrants is sent to the post for help. Miller and Howard are sent to the rescue with a body of troopers. Howard is seriously wounded. He is carried away by his horse when the animal is struck by a shot. He is later found lying by the roadside by Miller. Miller sees his chance. Leaving his rival unconscious, the man returns to the fort and reports that Howard had deserted under fire. Ruth is heartbroken. Later. Howard is found by Bright Cloud. The Indian maid helps him back to the fort, where he is placed under arrest. Bright Cloud learns that half of the force is to be sent to meet an ammunition train the following day. She reports this to her people. The latter plan ...
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