kratki film, vestern (1910)

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Valley Folks




kratki film, vestern


Milton J. Fahrney


"No, once and for all, no!" angrily declared Joe Benem. His daughter Sue might refuse Jack Blake, as indeed she had done a few moments before, but she should never marry Ned Wright. Sue, however, with grandmother and grandfather on her side, had decided differently. That very afternoon they were to slip away to the little church, after which the old people had promised to meet them with Sue's clothes and give the bride and groom their parting blessing. Two years had passed, to Ned and Sue, two very short and happy years, with only one cloud to mar their horizon. Joe Benem still remained obstinate! Nevertheless, dear old grandmother still held out hope and, since the birth of little Ned, had been constantly planning how to inveigle her son to their cottage. Then, when one day a letter arrived from Sue, stating that Ned had been taken ill with a fever and imploring her grandmother to come at once, the old felt confident that she might induce the girl's father to accompany her. In this ...
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