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  • The Paleface

    The Paleface (1922)

    kratki film, komedija, vestern

    Evil oil barons have given the Indians one day to vacate their land. The Indian chief tells his braves to kill the first white man they see. Buster shows up chasing a butterfly. Later he keeps moving...
  • The Pest

    The Pest (1922)

    kratki film, komedija

    Stan Laurel plays a book salesman who has a series of encounters, mostly revolving around a young woman who might be evicted by her lecherous landlord. Along the way, Stan dresses up as a dog, gets...
  • The Sawmill

    The Sawmill (1922)

    kratki film, komedija

    A bumbling sawmill employee tries to win the hand of the owner's daughter while staying out of the clutches of the mill's bullying foreman.
  • Vanina oder Die Galgenhochzeit

    Vanina oder Die Galgenhochzeit (1922)


    Vanina loves rebel leader Octavio, who gets caught. He gets a pardon and marries Vanina. When he is captured again, Vanina helps him to escape prison. They are both caught, and after his execution...
  • A Life for a Life

    A Life for a Life (1921)

    kratki film, vestern

  • A Sailor-Made Man

    A Sailor-Made Man (1921)


    Komedija. Bogat i besposlen playboy mora se dokazati na ozbiljnom poslu ocu djevojke s kojem se želi oženiti pa odlazi u mornaricu...
  • Among Those Present

    Among Those Present (1921)

    kratki film, komedija

    Gđa O'Brien žudi da je prihvati visoko društvo pa organizira lov na lisice...
  • Camille

    Camille (1921)

    drama, romantični

    Camille is a courtesan in Paris. She falls deeply in love with a young man of promise, Armand Duval. When Armand's father begs her not to ruin his hope of a career and position by marrying Armand...
  • Der müde Tod

    Der müde Tod (1921)

    domišljijski, srhljivka

    As a young couple stops and rests in a small village inn, the man is abducted by Death and is sequestered behind a huge doorless, windowless wall. The woman finds a mystic entrance and is met by...
  • Die Bergkatze

    Die Bergkatze (1921)

    drama, komedija, romantični

    A charismatic lieutenant newly assigned to a remote fort is captured by a group of mountain bandits, thus setting in motion a madcap farce that is Lubitsch at his most unrestrained.
  • Eldorado

    Eldorado (1921)


    Sibilla is a single mother, working as a gypsy dancer in a lousy cafe in the south of Spain. Unable to keep with the costs of his son's medical bills, she asks for help to Estiria, her son's...
  • Hamlet

    Hamlet (1921)


    Danish silent movie-star Asta Nielsen formed her own production company to make this film, in which new elements are combined with features (and a few lines) familiar from Shakespeare's version of...
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