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  • Johan

    Johan (1921)


    On a farm in up-country Sweden, an enigmatic stranger comes to a conservative peasant community and seduces a farmer's wife.
  • Keeping Up with Lizzie

    Keeping Up with Lizzie (1921)


    Vowing that his daughter Lizzie will not marry his business rival Pettigrew's son, Sam Henshaw sends her off to finishing school. Pettigrew, meanwhile sends his son Dan to Harvard. When Lizzie...
  • Körkarlen

    Körkarlen (1921)

    drama, domišljijski, grozljivka

    It's New Year's Eve. Three drunkards evoke a legend. The legend tells that the last person to die in a year, if he is a great sinner, will have to drive during the whole year the Phantom Chariot, the...
  • Markens grøde

    Markens grøde (1921)


    After the Nobel prize winning Knut Hamsun-novel, with it's criticism of industrialization, urbanizing and loss of values. The farmer Isak makes a farm out of barren soil, together with Inger and...
  • Now or Never

    Now or Never (1921)

    kratki film, komedija

    Kratka nijema komedija koja se zbiva u vlaku gdje se nađu djevojka s tuđim djetetom, njezin mladić bez karte i njezin šef...
  • Scherben

    Scherben (1921)


    Set during the winter, the story tells the tale of a track checker and his family who live a poverty-stricken life next to a railway line. They receive a telegram announcing the arrival of the...
  • Schloß Vogelöd

    Schloß Vogelöd (1921)

    drama, kriminalka, misterij, grozljivka

    In the castle Vogeloed, a few aristocrats are awaiting baroness Safferstätt. But first count Oetsch invites himself.. Everyone thinks he murdered his brother, baroness Safferstat's first husband...
  • Seven Years Bad Luck

    Seven Years Bad Luck (1921)


    After breaking a mirror in his home, superstitious Max tries to avoid situations which could bring bad luck-- but in doing so, causes himself the worst luck imaginable.
  • The Haunted House

    The Haunted House (1921)

    kratki film, komedija, grozljivka

    Buster is a bank clerk. Overturned glue gets everything, mostly the money, stuck to everything else. When robbers show up he can't "stick 'em up" because his hands are stuck in his pockets. The...
  • The Idle Class

    The Idle Class (1921)

    kratki film, komedija

    The conflict here is between Charlie the wealthy and alcoholic husband and Charlie the Tramp: the idle rich and the idle poor. In the opening scene wealthy Edna descends from a Pullman car while the...
  • The Kid

    The Kid (1921)

    drama, družinski, komedija

    POBIČ Ameriški nemi film, 1921 Glasba: Charlie Chaplin ( komponirana 1971 ) Mojstrovina POBIČ (The Kid) filmskega genija Charlie Chaplina se pričenja z napisom:' Komedija z nasmeškom … in morda...
  • The Lucky Dog

    The Lucky Dog (1921)

    kratki film, komedija

    In their first screen appearance together, Stan plays a penniless dog lover and Oliver plays a crook who tries to rob him and his new paramour.
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