Dead Time: Kala


kriminalka, domišljijski, srhljivka (2007)

Dead Time: Kala

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Dead Time: Kala


Dead Time: Kala




kriminalka, domišljijski, srhljivka


Joko Anwar


Joko Anwar

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José Rizal Manua
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Ario Bayu
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  >  Ranti
  >  Sari
Agung Udijana
  >  Bimo


In an unnamed nation in an unspecified period of time, a new law which is intended give more peace to the people by strictly upholding morality only ends up justifying people to take matters into their own hands. New organizations who label themselves "the guardian of moral values" emerge and will easily attack somebody they consider immoral. Citizens of the country are divided into two groups: those that grow more violent and those who hope that the myth about the birth of a person who will lead the nation toward the light will soon come true. A police detective named Eros investigates the death of five men who were burnt alive by a mob of pedestrians after someone screamed 'thief!' at them at a bus station. While his superior orders him to lay off the "insoluble" case, Eros discovers there's a more sinister motive behind the killing than just a simple vigilantism. Meanwhile, a journalist named Janus is having the lowest time of his life. His wife divorces him and his boss fires him ...
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