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Serije na, sortirano po IMDB oceni

  • Po vaših kriterijih iskanja najdenih 988 zadetkov.
  • Žanr: romantični
  • That Cover Girl

    That Cover Girl (2023)

    drama, romantični

    A dynamic business woman running a fashion empire tries to keep her fashion business from being destroyed.
  • Goodness, Hypocrisy, Utmost Effort

    Goodness, Hypocrisy, Utmost Effort (2021)

    drama, zgodovina, romantični

    Hee Tae starts to get the hang of things as he continues working in the emergency room with Myeong Hee. However, the situation in Gwangju continues to get worse as the troops open fire on civilians.
  • Maestro

    Maestro (2015)

    kriminalka, romantični, pustolovski

    Krajem osamdesetih Paša Haritonov, mladi muzičar iz Odese, vraća se sa osmomesečnog putovanja u Indiju, tokom kojeg je radio na trgovačkom brodu. Pokušao je da zaradi dovoljno novca da kupi svoj...
  • Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones (2011)

    drama, romantični, domišljijski, pustolovski

    "Igra prestolov", epska drama umeščena v fantastični svet Westerosa, temelji na zbirki epskih fantazijskih romanov "Pesem ledu in ognja", katere je napisal George R. R. Martin. V deželi, kjer lahko...
  • Summer Love

    Summer Love (2022)

    drama, romantični

  • La El's Secret Identity

    La El's Secret Identity (2022)

    drama, romantični

    Eun Pyeong climbs higher in politics. Despite his success and popularity, he still remembers everything about La El and her real mother even after all these years. Knowing in his gut that La El is...
  • Mahabharat

    Mahabharat (1988)

    drama, romantični, vojni

    The epic story of the family feud between the noble Pandava princes and their scheming cousins, the Kaurava kings.
  • The New Managing Partner

    The New Managing Partner (2022)

    drama, misterij, romantični

    Oh Soo Jae is a unique character at TK Law Firm. She's known for being a cutthroat star attorney. When her name comes up as one of the candidates to become the next managing partner, everyone doubts...
  • Episode #1.4

    Episode #1.4 (2022)

    komedija, romantični

    Ye-sul gets drunk and tells Min Hoo about her ability. Her ex-boyfriend Pil-yo joins her next project.
  • Liyan's New Beginning

    Liyan's New Beginning (2022)

    drama, romantični

    Kang Yoon Kyum, the representative of LY Group, attends a fundraiser at Liyan with his wife for her daughter. However, there he meets a young woman who sparks something in his heart. A spark that can...
  • Mudeung Stadium

    Mudeung Stadium (2021)

    drama, zgodovina, romantični

    As the entire city of Gwangju is put under lockdown by the martial law army, Ki Nam sneaks Hee Tae out of a car crash. Myeong Hee grows more and more anxious about finding Hee Tae, but Hyun Chul...
  • The Director Of The Legal Clinic Center

    The Director Of The Legal Clinic Center (2022)

    drama, misterij, romantični

    Soo Jae continues to face backlash over the suicide of Park So Young. With people attacking her left and right, only a handful of her students stand by her side. Soo Jae decides to give this case as...
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